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Solta Medical, manufacturer of Fraxel DUAL and Thermage CPT, recognizes Allura Skin, Laser, and Wellness Clinic as one of its top (1%) nationally ranked clinics.

ThermageCPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is:

  • Revolutionary
  • Is a non-invasive radiofrequency technology
  • A treatment that could hold the key to eliminating the unwanted cellulite, sagging skin, and bulges you may be left with following pregnancy or weight loss that you can’t get to disappear despite exercise and dieting

Thermage CPT provides firming and smoothing body contouring effects on your body without the use of surgery or liposuction. The results provided by Thermage CPT on your body are achieved by safely heating your skin’s under layer and the web of collagen in the inner layer, which causes an immediate tightening, as well as improved tone and texture through collagen stimulation. This reduces the look of cellulite and sagging of loose skin, giving your body a more youthful, toned appearance. The changes become even more noticeable for four to six months following your body contouring treatment, thanks to the growth of new collagen.




ThermageCPT for Body Contouring is ideal for correcting:

  • Wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on the abdomen, knees, arms, legs, hands, or buttocks
  • Sagging skin or unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Love handles
  • The appearance of cellulite
  • Sagging skin under your chin (sometimes referred to turkey neck)

ThermageCPT was featured on a segment of The Doctors.

Before                                                   After