Thermage CPT for Body | VASER Shape | CoolSculpting

Allura’s Body contouring treatments:

  • Are non-invasive
  • Are non-surgical
  • Are progressive body shaping treatments
  • Improve the look of your body with no pain
  • Require no downtime

Thermage for Body and VASER Shape each use heat from radiofrequency or ultrasound to leave your skin looking smooth and toned. These body contouring procedures reduce the appearance of cellulite, love handles, and other troublesome areas of your body that may be resistant to exercise or dieting.

Depending on your goals, either a Thermage treatment or VASER shape treatment may be appropriate for you. Or perhaps a combination of the two might get you the results you want. One of our body contouring consultants can help you determine the best approach for you, as well as discuss all of your body contouring options upon contact.