Cathleen Robinson

You know her as one of our expert Physician Assistants but her extensive travel and sports keeps her busy in her off hours. In her own words:

Active travel is one of my passions. I went to Nepal in 2007 and helped with a high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema study on the Khumbu region of the Himalayas. I volunteer as a camp medic, am a donor and am on the medial review board for First Descents, an organization that provides outdoor adventure for young adults ages 19-39 living with cancer. I participated in a medical mission trip with Timberline Church in Malawi, Africa. “On the way” to Malawi, I stopped over in Tanzania and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Now, that was a hike!

The outdoors is my playground. I’ve hiked the entire 210 mile John Muir Trail, skied the Haute Route in Europe, climbed the Grand Teton Exum Ridge and climbed Mt. Rainier.

I’ve always been a runner and cyclist. Running gives you a chance to gain perspective on life. I have run the Leadville Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, Marine Corp and the Boston Marathons. Seeing the country on a bike is exhilarating. I’m proud I completed the 120 mile Triple BiPass bike ride 8 times, completed the 3 day, 60 mile Trans Rockies run and participated in several 2-day events. When I was 50, I completed my first Iron Man Triathlon! Then the next year, I completed the Melbourne Australia Ironman. Hard work but and experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The Colorado winters can’t stop me from having fun. I love to downhill, cross country, skate ski and snowshoe.

I’m happy I have the opportunities I’ve had including watching my 24 year old son navigate the world. I’m a proud mom of a CSU Electrical Engineering student!